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What is PayForED?

PayForED is a suite of software solutions that helps employers, financial advisors and individuals navigate student loan and repayment decisions. Our three-step approach simplifies a complex process by generating easy to understand answers.

$ 1 K+
Average Graduate Debt
2 %
Loan Dollars Repaid Using IDR
(Income Driven Repayment)
1 M+
Currently Have Student Loan Debt

Solving problems today for a brighter future

For Employers

PayforED addresses recent graduates as well as employees considering continuing their education and those planning for their children’s education.

For Financial Advisors

Invest in your business by adding college funding and student loan repayment services.

For Individuals

We simplify the process for you with solutions at each student loan and repayment decision point

Customized solutions for every step of the journey

College Planning

During College

After Graduation

College Planning

During College

After Graduation

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