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Fred Amrein, Founder & CEO

The PayForED solutions makes this new business opportunity easy to implement. We are the only company with the complete training program and intergrated software platform in one place.

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Why PayForED's Student Loan Repayment & College Funding Software?

Use student loan repayment & college funding to attract new clients and manage the wealth transfer. 
Manage this expensive decision for positive financial future for your clients and their children.

Robust Reports

Generates personalized charts & data by college, repayment method, or tax scenarios in a simple format. We simplify a complex financial decision. 

Customized Strategies

Our platform evolves with the client as they move from college funding to student loan repayment.  You only need one resource provider.

Customer Retention

Our Steps to Success platform helps advisors retain clients with answers during multi-year financial decisions years.