Student Loan Repayment and College Funding Advice

Adding A Service That Will Grow Your Business

The PayForED student loan repayment and college funding outsourcing service provide financial advisors and tax preparers an easy way to add this niche service. Our unique delivery options allow you to either deliver the information directly with our help or allows you to hand over the client completely to us.  As we only specialize in these areas, you do not have the risk of your client being sold other services or products.  The other advantage to our expertise is you only need one resource to handle college funding, college transfers, graduate school, loan repayment, and loan forgiveness planning.

Consulting Service

Financial Advisor providing advice

Delivery Options

We do the analysis, create the reports, and prep you for the meeting. An adviser can also refer the client in directly.

Single Resource

Our holistic approach requires that you only need one resource for college funding and student loan repayment.

Building the Niche

Allows you to outsource the first few clients and see our delivery process. This gives you the experience to feel confident.

Improves Your Time Management

As this personal financial area becomes more complex, it allows for better allocation of your time.

Innovative Strategies

We have developed innovative strategies that compliment your retirement and other personals financial goals

Affordable Pricing

The normal fees are between are $300 – $600 per project.  We use a semi-fixed rate to handle extended client meetings over the initial allotted time. 

Three Types of Consulting Services Available

College Funding & Planning For College

  • Financial Aid Positioning (Both Methods)
  • Access to College Cost Analyzer Software
  • College Saving Plans
  • Side by Side College Cost Comparison
  • Our Four Year “WHAT” and “HOW” Analysis
  • Proper Debt Structure for Repayment and Forgiveness 
  • Family Time Impact on Retirement
  • Educational and Other Tax Strategies
  • 30-minute Advisor Meeting or 90-minute Client Meeting

In-College And Graduate School Planning

  • Access to In-College Payer Software
  • Projects Debt Structure to Graduation
  • Calculates Repayment Options Based on Debt Structure
  • Build a Personal Budget with Cashflow (Life After Graduation)
  • Parent PLUS Loans and Loan Forgiveness Strategies
  • Used for Both Undergraduate and Graduate Students
  • Show the Financial Impact of Transfers and Major Changes
  • 30-minute Advisor Meeting or  30 – 45 minute Client Meeting

Loan Repayment & Forgiveness

  • Advice for Single, Married, or Recently Married Couple
  •  Access to the Student Loan Repayer Software
  • Tax Filing Analysis for IDR method users
  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) & Other Forgiveness Plans
  • Parent PLUS Forgiveness and Payment in Retirement Analysis 
  • Delayed Refinancing for High Debt Recent Graduates 
  • Proper Tax Strategies for IDR borrowers
  • 30-minute Advisor Meeting or 30 – 45 minute Client Meeting

Annual Plan Updates

  • For all previous individual consulting engagement 
  • Extension of the software license for another year
  • Review of new legislation or tax rules that apply to each case
  • Advisor or client needs to provide updated information
  • Update current data and recommendations
  • Fee is $200
  • 30-minute Advisor Meeting or  30-minute Client Meeting
  • If additional meeting time is required, the billing rate is $150

Student Loan Assistance Consulting


  • Advisor managing company retirement and other benefit plans
  •  Distribution method of helping more employees with both college funding and student loan repayment questions
  • Uses a household approach not the individual borrower
  • Increases advisor exposure with more Lunch and Learn Topics
  • Employee confidentiality – Employer cannot not see personal data
  • Improves employer dashboard to implement new tax benefits
  • High growth area according to SHRM going from 6% to 33%
  • Compliments other services specifically retirement planning
  • Access to the Student Loan Assistance Platform

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