Student Loan Repayment and College Funding Software

A Single Platform that Handles Any College Funding or Student Loan Repayment Question

The PayForED approach allows advisors to help and attract clients at every stage of the college funding and student loan repayment process.  We believe this is a series of financial decisions that are highly dependent on the prior choices.  For a single monthly fee, you get 3 solutions within 1 platform 

$30/month – One Platform with 3 tools

Three Software Solutions Within One Platform

College Funding & Planning For College

  • Financial Aid Positioning (Both Methods)
  • Easy to Understand Graphs
  • Coaching and Help Videos
  • Our Four Year “WHAT” and “HOW” Project of Cost and Debt per college
  •  Financial and Academic Positioning  Chart
  • Side by Side Award Letter Comparison for Better Decisions
  • Live and Recorded Video on Entire Process

In-College And Graduate School Planning

  • Show the Financial Impact of  Graduating on Time
  • Projects Debt Structure to Graduation
  • Calculates Repayment Options Based on Debt Structure
  • Builds a Personal Budget with Cashflow (Life After Graduation)
  • Help Project the Cost for Transfers or Major Changes
  • Used for Both Undergraduate and Graduate Students
  • Assist in The Student Financial Literacy Knowledge
  • Add Financial Transparency  to the Total Cost

Loan Repayment & Forgiveness


  • Analysis for Single, Married, or Recently Married Couple
  • Tax Filing Analysis for Income-Driven Repayment Method Users
  • Impact of Income Changes Over Multiple Years
  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) & Other Forgiveness Plans
  • Parent PLUS Forgiveness and Payment in Retirement Analysis 
  • Delayed Refinancing for High Debt Recent Graduates 
  • End-of-Term Tax Forgiveness Exposure Projections
  • Budgeting Tool to Help With Selecting the Best Repayment Option

One Solution To Handle Your Clients Evolution Through This Process

$30/Month – One Platform with 3 Solutions

Student Loan Assistance Platform for Employers

For advisors who support company retirement and benefit programs, we have a distribution platform for employers. With our three solution platform we are able to help more employees. Under the new IRS integration the solution needs to take a household approach and not a individual employee view.

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