PayForED 2.0 Announces the Launch

We are so excited to be announcing our first major release of 2020 – PayForED 2.0 software launch. After a lengthy reevaluation phase, incorporating valuable feedback, PayForED’s newly updated platform is ready for immediate use for employers, advisors, and individuals. Not only did we enhance the premium functionality, but we also redesigned and updated the interface and user experience. The result is an easier, cleaner improved navigation for users. PayforED 2.0 has new, dynamic, and easy to understand graphics plus an enhanced resource center containing more help and coaching videos.

Exciting New Enhancements:

PayForED is now the only complete student loan solution that helps people navigate each student loan and repayment decision from start to finish. We understand that the decision regarding education is not a single decision but a series of decisions that impact a person’s life for decades. Our customized approach brings transparency to families so they can make the right decision for their future.

Get the More Details From The PayForED 2.0 Launch Video

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