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Get the customized answers you need to navigate the student loan and repayment process.  We provide the advice that the loan servicers legal cannot address. 

PayForED has established the Student Loan Repayment Advisor (SLRA) designation to help consumers get the correct student loan repayment advice.  PayForED has been a CFP Quality partner since 2018 after the CFP audited their first financial advisor training program (CFSLA).  Fred Amrein, the Founder/CEO of PayForED has the most CFP approved courses related to college funding, student loans and repayment.

Due to the increase complexities and demand for customized answer related to student loan repayment, the Student Loan Repayment Advisor (SLRA) training program was established.  These financial professionals take a holistic approach to the entire student loan repayment and forgiveness process.   In addition, the advisors listed on this site need to act in a fiduciary matter, which means they need to act in your best interest.

Here are some of our TOP Recommended financial advisors:

Fred Amrein



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