PSLF Limited Waiver Program is Now Available

Over 550,000 Borrowers Will Qualify

What Is PSLF Limited Waiver Program?

The new student loan forgiveness program that corrects many of the  Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) approval errors.  According to the Department of Education, it may help over 550,000 borrowers, who previously were denied student loan forgiveness.

Who and How to Qualify

Had FFEL Loans

Prior FFEL loan borrowers were denied not can qualify

Used the Wrong Repayment Method

Many borrowers were told you could use any methods these will now qualify for during a certain period

Incorrect Amount or Timing

Strict processing rules disallowed some payment to qualify these will now be approved

Need 120 Credit Months

Proper Full-Time employment is still required with PSLF form submission

Need to Have Federal Direct Loans

Some will need to covert FFEL Loans to Direct Federal Loans to properly qualify for the Waiver 

Use an IDR method to finish

Borrowers will need to complete their payments using an Income- Driven Repayment Method

People who Qualify For PSLF

PayForED's PSLF Limited Waiver Advice

We help borrowers navigate the PSLF Waiver process with customized answers.  Depending on the errors causing your denial, each borrower may need to take different steps to maximize their forgiveness amount.

Free 15 Minute Evaluation Call

You will need to have certain information so that we can evalaute if you should move forward to the customized analysis

Commit to Analysis

If you want to move forward, a payment of $375 will be required. You will upload your information to a secure folder to complete the analysis

Report and Recommendation

A 30 minute meeting will then be scheduled to explain your customized steps to move to PSLF under the Waiver program and loan forgiveness

How to Get Started & Schedule Your Call

Items Needed for Discovery Call

  • FSA ID and Password
  • List of current federal student loans and total amount
  • Monthly payment amount prior to COVID (National Forbearance)
  • List of current and prior employers
  • Most recent 1040 tax return  
  • Current salary and marital status
  • Amount of payments made during COVID months(if any)
Student Loan Forgiveness Approaval

PayForED Wait List

Complete the form below and we’ll be in touch soon with added times and cancellation notices.  We will not sell or misuse your contact information.

Here is what customers are saying

PSLF Waiver Program Resources

A more detailed description of the PSLF Waiver Program.

PSLF Waiver Webinars

PayForED will be hosting a series of webinars to help borrowers naviate this process.

Top 10 steps to PSLF approval using the PSLF Waiver Program.  Each borrowers steps will be unique.

Direct link to the DOE page on the PLSF Waiver Program.

Link to the general Employment Certification form.  It is preferred you use the form.

Many will need to use an Income-Driven Repayment to complete the the PSLF process.