College Funding & Student Loan Advisor Training Program has just been Updated!


Advisors studying the CFSLA Training Program

PayForED is excited to announce that the  College Funding and Student Loan Advisor training program has been updated. New features will includes breaking the course into three sections and including more case studies.  The CFSLA program is a comprehensive course that provides financial advisors with the knowledge to guide their clients through the entire educational funding journey from college funding through student loan repayment and forgiveness.  College funding and student loan repayment are some of the most talked-about topics in the financial services industry, workplace, and socially. 

The number of people in retirement taking Social Security is approximately the same number of people with student loans, 45 million.  If you include the number of students planning for college, the total market is over 50 million people.  Unfortunately, the financial service industry has focused more on other programs and tools rather than resources related to educational funding and student loans creating a massive gap for advisors and their clients.

CFSLA Designation Training

In order to provide comprehensive planning, advisors must understand the complex issues of taxes, cash flow, retirement and legacy planning.  The College Funding and Student Loan course will compliment all of these planning aspects and help you grow your practice by penetrating a marketplace that is just recently starting to get attention in the market.  Educational funding and student loan structure are areas that impact millions of households every year.

The CFSLA training program focuses our attention on the Big 5:

  • Financial Aid Positioning
  • Educational Tax Strategies
  • College Funding Plans
  • Financing Options
  • Student Loan Repayment & Forgiveness

For all Certified Financial Planners (CFP), you will be eligible to receive 26 credits on completion of the CFSLA course and passing the cumulative exams.  In order to be an advisor in good status, they will need to sign a Code of Ethics and Standard of Conduct agreement.

PayForED provides advisors not only the opportunity to receive a FINRA recognized designation but continuous education throughout the year through our monthly advisor webinars.  The ongoing education will keep the advisor up to date on recent trends and legislative changes but most importantly, it will help to separate you in the marketplace.  

Benefits of Adding College Funding and Student Loan Repayment

With more careers requiring advanced degrees and education, financial advisors will need to have this knowledge to properly address issues for clients and their families.  Current and future prospects will be looking for this expertise from their financial advisors. 

Listed below are some additional trends and reasons how the CFSLA designation can grow your business:

  • Attract new clients with college funding questions
  • Reach the next generation and retain assets through educational funding
  • Help existing client’s children pay for graduate school
  • Create college plans for the grandchildren of current clients


College Funding and Student Loan Repayment Software

PayForED strives to help advisors drive knowledge and insight to their clients.  As a financial professional with the CFSLA designation, you will also be able to guide your clients with our comprehensive software solutions.  We have developed a technology platform that addresses each stage of the educational funding journey.  If your client’s children are entering college, in-college, going to post-graduate school or seeking guidance in repayment after graduation, PayForED has the software answer. 

The software is showcased throughout many of the case examples within the course.  Get easy to use analytics and customized calculations in one place to allow you to become an expert for your clients in this growing marketplace. 

CFSLA Training Goal

PayForED mission is preventing and solving the student debt crisis.  The CFSLA course enables advisors to create customized solutions for their clients and becomes experts in the college and student loan area.  By becoming a CFSLA, we will help you differentiate yourself in the market by making you an expert and thought leader.  We believe PayForED CFSLA training and software should be the first choice for the advisor community.


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