PayForED partners with Ascent Funding to give students more opportunities to pay for college with or without a cosigner

Annual Percentage Rates (APR) with Ascent will now be available on the PayForED’s website.

NEWTOWN SQUARE, PA, (Date) – PayForED, a leading technology company focused on preventing and solving the student debt crisis, has announced a partnership that gives its customers more opportunities to pay for college with or without a cosigner through Ascent Funding’s private student loan options through the PayForED website.  The partnership provides students and families with greater access to pay for college at competitive rates. 

“PayForED is proud of our extensive due diligence process in selecting loan partners and excited to provide our customers with loan partners who match our core beliefs in transparency and quality of service.  We expect the addition of Ascent will save our users considerable time, money and give them the utmost confidence when they choose to apply for private loans,” said Peter Sims, President, PayForED.

We at Ascent are on a mission to better help students pay for college, whether it’s through Ascent’s solo student loans, Ascent’s family supported loans or Ascent’s $70,000 scholarship giveaway,” said Kim McNealy, Ascent Funding’s CMO.  “Our partnership with PayForED will help more students obtain the needed funding to continue and complete their college education.”

PayForED is the first company to have a complete technology platform built to help families navigate the entire college funding and student loan repayment journey. The suite of three solutions  College Cost Analyzer, In-College Payer, and Student Loan Repayer), as well as the Financial Advisor training program (College Funding and Student Loan Advisor), have the same goal: help families get on track wherever they are in their financial journey. In 2018, PayForED was awarded the Quality Partner Status by the CFP Board.

Ascent created a new private student loan model that gives students more opportunities to qualify for a loan, with or without a cosigner and get the funding they need to cover tuition and living expenses. For eligible juniors, seniors, and graduate students without a cosigner, Ascent utilizes broad credit tiers and considers creditworthiness, school, program, graduation date, major, cost of attendance, and other factors to offer student loans. Ascent encourages transparency and financial wellness by incorporating financial literacy into the application process, preserving the notion an education is an investment where students and families should understand the return on their investment relative to the cost. Ascent also offers 1% cashback upon graduation and additional resources to set students and families up for financial success.

About PayForED

PayForED is the first company to have a complete technology platform built to help families navigate the entire college funding and student loan repayment journey. The company’s passion for providing the right tools, information, and transparency fuels its goal to prevent and solve the student debt crisis.

About Ascent Funding, LLC

Ascent Funding, (“Ascent”) is an award-winning, leading national private student loan program for non-cosigned and cosigned loans.  Ascent is built around one guiding principle: Student loans should expand possibilities, not limit them. That’s why we set out to do things differently and offer benefits that put students first.

  • Non-cosigned loan optionStudents have the opportunity to build credit in their own name, or if they wish, they can apply to release their cosigner.
  • Flexible payment optionsStudents can choose from affordable fixed & variable rates, customize their repayment terms including future income-based repayments, & pay off their loan early without any penalty.
  • Benefits that put students first – We cover up to 100% of student’s costs of attendance. Plus, students can get 1% cashback at graduation, and a discount if they set up automatic payments.

Ascent gives away $70,000 in scholarships every year! To learn more about how to enter for a chance to win an Ascent scholarship and see the official rules, visit

You can also earn up to $525 for each friend you refer to Ascent through their Refer A Friend Program. Plus, your friend earns money too. To get started and see the official rules visit



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