Financial Planner – Free Course – Adding Student Loan Repayment and College Funding to Your Business

Growing Your Financial Planning BusinessPayForED is offering a free course on adding Student Loan Repayment and College Funding to your business.  The 50-minute program will give financial planners the insights of adding student loan repayment and college funding services into their business model.

Listed below are the major topic covered in this financial planner course:

  • Overview of the Market Segment
  • Business Opportunity
  • College Funding Approach
  • Student Loan Repayment and Forgiveness Method 

Financial Planner Business Opportunity

As student debt approaches over  1.7 trillion dollars it affects over 50 million people including students, parents and grandparents.  Financial planners have a great opportunity to help existing clients through this process and attract new clients at the same time.  It is the second-largest debt item for the US consumer.

 Financial wellness is one of the most important services you can provide for your current and future clients.   As fee compression continues, advisors need to offer more for their services.  Asset growth and management is a key to success, but the landscape is changing to a more holistic approach where debt management is becoming more important.  We are helping advisors evolve their practices and increase services and revenue.

 Why is student debt impacting millions of people? With debt increasing, the government has added new options to make the repayment more manageable.  These new programs are called Income-Driven Repayment (IDR) methods.   These IDR are complex and are the repayment methods needed to qualify for loan forgiveness.  If you work with doctors, nurses, engineers, teachers or anyone with advanced degrees, you need to be informed of what is available in the marketplace.

Simplifying Implementation

With any business decision, the implementation method is critical.  To be successful, it is an investment of time and money.  This financial planner course will give you the information you need to see what it will take.

Currently, PayForED is the only company that has both the training and software in one place.  With our comprehensive approach to the student loan crisis, financial advisors can have the knowledge they need and the software tools to answer their client’s questions.  Too often in financial planning, the advisor learns a new approach to their client’s problems but then needs to invest more time to find software to make it easy.  PayForED eliminates that stress which saves the advisor time and money.

Comprehensive Approach

This financial planner  program will give the advisor a comprehensive approach to the student debt crisis.  As more financial planners specialize in specific areas of personal finance, this course gives a holistic view of the opportunity and tools needed to be successful.

PayForED offers additional financial planner CEs if the advisor believes in this business opportunity.  Their FINRA listed designation College Funding and Student Loan Advisor (CFSLA) includes a comprehensive financial planner CE course where they can earn up to 26 additional financial planner CE credits.  It is divided into two specific areas college funding and student loan repayment.  This allows for an advisor to specialize or take a holistic approach to this growing customer problem.

To deliver these answers, financial advisors also need easy to use software with the proper training. This program will cover some of the different software solutions available.  As an example, PayForED is currently the only company that offers a complete suite of software solutions that addresses each student loan decision point.  This improves client retention since solutions are available as children are entering college, in-college, going to post-graduate school, or seeking guidance in repayment after graduation


Financial Planner Course Summary

Take the time to learn your options regarding student loan repayment and college funding.  This course will give you the initial information that you need to make an informed decision.  By having this knowledge, the advisors will be able to retain assets better, attract new clients, and create a new strategy for the wealth transfer ahead.

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