PayForED Participates In Social Innovation Symposium on Poverty and Education Solutions

The Social Innovation Institute will be hosting a live symposium addressing poverty and how local companies are providing innovative solutions to solving this problem.  PayForED’s founder, Fred Amrein will be a panelist on the education innovation segment of the program.

Fred will be presenting how “Financial Literacy Technologies Helps Reduce Financial Barriers for First-Generation College Students”.  This is also the title of his paper which will be published in the Social Innovation Journal on July 9th as part of the symposium.

Social Innovation Institute and the Social Innovations Journal aims to evaluate the existing anti-poverty programs in Philadelphia framed within short-term and long-term strategies. The Social Innovation Symposium will focus on solutions that move individuals and families to a Living Wage. This edition of the Social Innovations Journal will focus on the Jobs and Education strategy of City Council’s Poverty Action Plan.

The event is virtual and free to attend.  Click on the link below to register.

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