Image of Pay For ED logoEFC PLUS was rebranded to PayForED in May 2018 and we are excited about the new logo and improved website that we developed.  When this launch occurred, we improved PayForED’s existing student loan solutions.

PayForED software has a comprehensive suite of student loan solutions that will take a user from paying for college to student loan repayment.  Our software evolves with the student and borrower at the various college funding and student loan repayment decision points.  Our innovative approach generates a custom financial outcome that helps the borrower see a snapshot of their financial future while keeping personal financial information secure.

PayForED software solutions

PayForED solution features:

  • Our easy to use software
  • Customized cash flow and debt structure analysis
  • Video Help on each screen
  • Video Coaching in the more complex areas
  • Timely webinars

As most of you know, the college funding process has become very complicated.  For parents, it may be the most expensive and important decision that they will make with their child.  In addition to the software, we are building a community of like-minded financial professionals that will be listed on the site.  They have the College Funding and Student Loan Advisor (CFSLA) designation.  The CFSLA designation is FINRA listed.

The financial professional will need to complete a 26 CFP CE approved training program.  The program covers the entire educational funding and student loan repayment process.  Also, additional hours of financial education are required and most important the advisor will need to act as a fiduciary.  The fiduciary standard has been debated among the financial service industry for the past few years.  It is simple for us.  If the advisor is not going to act in the client’s best interest, then we do not want them representing our methods.

We are excited about the new look and information that we will be delivering to the marketplace.  Join us in solving the crisis that is affecting over 44 million Americans.



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