PSLF Employment Form Can Use Employer Docusign Approval Process

PSLF Employment Verification ChangeEmployees who qualify for PSLF need to submit their employment verification periodically.  We recommend it be done at least once a year or whenever a person changes employer.  In addition, the Department of Education (DOE) released its new employer automation for the PSLF Employment form.  Under this new process, PSLF Employment forms can use the employer Docusign approval process.  It is part of the PSLF Help Tool available on

This automation is a significant enhancement for both employees and employers.  Since there was no major DOE announcement, many borrowers and employers need clarification about the process.  Employers must take some initial steps to create a strategy for employees.  Employees must ask employers where they should send the Docusign email for approval.

Using the PSLF Help Tool 

Every employee submitting a PSLF employment verification should use the PSLF Help Tool.  Employees can access the PSLF Help Tool through the website.  The employee must have an FSA ID and Password to establish the ID.  The Help Tool is the alternative to the PDF version of the PSLF Employment Form.

The major advantage of using the PSLF Help Tool is the processing turnaround and accuracy of the information on the document.  When you use the online version, a special code is assigned to your form, with allows the loan service to approve the employment and apply the PSLF to your loans.  Of course, this assumes the other program rules are fulfilled, such as employment type and payment history.

The PDF version does not include the unique code and will need added reviews by the loan servicer and the DOE.  The current loan servicer handling PSLF is MOHELA.

The new PSLF Employer Docusign Approval process significantly increases employee privacy since no paper is required.  In addition, the Employer’s Electronic signatures improve efficiencies for the employer if the employee understands the new process.

PSLF Employer Docusign Process

With the new PSLF form automation, employers must establish new processing guidelines for employees to submit their forms.  Employers need to communicate to the employees which email account they should send their forms to.  A central email account could be established for larger organizations to avoid process changes when the approver changes jobs or leaves the company.

The employer may need to contact their IT organization to ensure the email will not be blocked or filtered to Junk/SPAM.  With more email system controls, this could easily happen and never get to the appropriate person.  The PSLF Help Tool Docusign email will come from –

Employers have 60 days from the date of the employee’s submission to return the DocuSign document.  If not signed within the allotted time, the employee must resubmit and resend the form.  As stated before, this is a significant improvement in the privacy area.  Under the paper signature process, the employee’s form had social security number, complete birthday, and mailing address.  It then needed to be faxed back to the PSLF Loan Servicer.  The Employer Docusign process eliminates that risk.

 PSLF Employee Docusign Process

Every employee pursuing PSLF and working for an approved employer should use the PSLF Help Tool on the website.  Before you complete the form, you should have a few things in hand or research before starting the form.

  • Name and address of employer
  • W2 form with the company EIN
  • Exact dates of employment – full date (mm/DD/YYYY)
  • Name and email address of the company approval person for PSLF
    • Some companies may establish a central email address for processing

Once you have that information, you can complete the form for each employer.  The system will then ask if you want to use the electronic or manual process.  You will need the email address to use the Docusign process.  Confirm you have the correct spelling of the email address before entering it.

We recommend sending an internal email to the company approval person or your HR representative to notify them that you have submitted the form.  They will have 60 days to complete the DocuSign document.

The loan servicer will only review your PSLF employment verification once the employer returns the signed document.  Therefore, based on our initial review, we recommend that all employers and employees adopt the new PSLF DocuSign Process.

Employers Docusign PSLF Form Approval Summary

The PSLF Docusign process is a major enhancement for both employers and employees.  We are in the initial stages of the increase in DOE automation.  With the upcoming repayment restart and IRS automation, employees and employers will seek additional help in these areas.  More companies will be adopting Student Loan Assistance Programs for employees.

PayForED has a complete Student Loan Assistance platform that can help employees and employers.  We have solutions that both prevent and solve the student debt crisis that families are facing.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are considering a Student Loan Assistance Program for your employees.

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