The PayForED Platform is available through FLX Distribution

PayForED is now being distributed through the FLX Solutions Provider’s Platform.  The FLX platform increases the reach and exposure of PayForED’s comprehensive student loan repayment and college funding solutions.   Financial advisors need only one solution to address this growing new area.

“We are excited to be included as a new FLX Solution.  Their unique approach brings quality resources to financial advisors more efficiently” says Peter Sims, President of PayForED.

Student debt and college funding has become a significant component of household wealth management and as a result, financial advisors need the tools and solutions to address these needs with clients.  The PayForED platform generates customized analysis and reports for clients as they navigate this complex process. Financial advisors now have a complete end-to-end tool to help them navigate college and graduate school funding through student loan repayment.

The PayForED solution is user-friendly and dynamic with coaching videos, help forms, and guidance.  It is designed to complement an advisor’s comprehensive financial planning process.

In addition, FLX advisors now have access to the College Funding and Student Loan Advisor designation.  Many CFPs have taken advantage of the robust amount of CE credits that is provided by passing the online course.

Join the growing number of financial advisors adding college funding and student loan repayment services to their business.  These new services and solutions will help you grow your practice and retain more clients.  PayForED makes it easy with its single platform and our CFP Quality Partner-approved advisor designation.

About PayForED

PayForED is the first company to have a complete technology platform designed to help financial advisors navigate the entire college funding and student loan repayment journey. Our approach generates customized, easy to understand answers to borrowers, students, and parents at each financial decision point. For more information, or call 610 978 3100.


About FLX Distribution

Launched in December 2019, FLX Distribution is revolutionizing the distribution experience among asset managers, wealth managers, and advisors. We provide a technology platform – known as a Resource and Asset Management Platform (RAMP) – that delivers unmatched scale, flexibility, and access to a modular and on-demand experience.

The FLX Distribution technology platform simultaneously empowers asset managers and distribution professionals to drive results and retain optionality. Powered by a combination of proprietary tech developments, and a stack of leading software providers, we have created a seamless exchange providing access to media resources, distribution solutions, corporate strategy, and business services.

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