Using Online College Fairs to Find Schools

Many high school students will start their college search process by attending a College Fair.  At these events, students get the opportunity to speak to college admission representatives regarding their respective colleges.  This year, high school students can use online college fairs to explore options.

At PayForED, we make it our job to offer comprehensive college funding and student loan solutions.  This helps families plan for their child’s college education and make informed decisions. Below is a list of several online College Fairs or solutions that will help you.

Most colleges have improved their open house opportunities to include admission sessions, customized tours, interviews, and engagement sessions.  Now is the time to explore all your options.  This information will typically be found on the visited page for the school.  If you use our College Cost Analyzer tool, PayForED has a virtual tour link embedded in the software.  This is another easy option students can use to search and compare  schools.

College Info Free Site Warning

For families going through this process, the search for the best information is critical.  It is a very expensive and emotional decision.  Many free sites are offering various levels of information.  You need to be careful.  To properly calculate your financial aid position, you will need to disclosure most of your financial information such as income and net worth.

Many of these free sites are purely marketing research companies that are providing a piece of college information to collect data to be sold.  At PayForED, we do not sell any data of our users.  This maintains your privacy and eliminates the bombardment of marketing emails to you.

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